Alli podcast: writing on lockdown

How are writers coping on lockdown? Writers in the Alliance of Independent Authors, which I’m a member of, share their tips and experiences in this ALLi podcast with Howard Lovy, who says:

“Every week I interview a member of ALLi to talk about their writing and what inspires them, and why they are inspiring to other authors.

For this special edition of Inspirational Indie Authors, “Writing on Lockdown,” I’m going to do something a little different. I’ve asked the other AskALLi podcasters, and a few previous guests, to talk to us about how they’re coping during the COVID-19 crisis, how they are staying connected with other writers and with their readers, and to contribute some inspirational words on how to continue to write under this kind of stress.

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A few highlights:

Joanna Penn, on Rebooting Her Writing Soundtrack

I put on the Game of Thrones instrumental soundtrack, which is pretty epic, and I write. And the change of sound has worked well because I just found the rain and thunderstorms associated me with my old routine and I needed to reboot.

Sacha Black, on Mental Health

The important thing is that you look after your health, look after your mental health, and try and look for the silver linings in this experience—be it quality time with your family, the ability to get more words or just the ability to relax.

Jules Horne, on Enjoying the Small Things

It’s thrown different things into perspective and I’ve found myself doing short projects, things with immediacy, short films, poems, things that I can finish quickly and take more creative risks, try new things. It’s felt important to be playful and cheer each other up. 

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