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I’ve worked online with writers’ groups all over the world, thanks to Zoom and Teams. I’m a multimedia writer across fiction, script and copywriting, with a particular interest in audio. If you’d like to book me for your group, or discuss a topic, please email

On the teaching side, I have over 13 years’ experience as an Associate Lecturer in Creative Writing with the Open University, and co-wrote the MA (Script) strand. The Open University is the world’s largest distance learning university and the main company behind FutureLearn. I’m a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, which sounds rather grand, but just means I’ve done some professional practice CPD!

I’m most experienced working with adult learners of all ages. Experience with online and distance learning goes without saying.

Writing course topics include:

Getting into audiobook recording

Are you a writer thinking of getting into audio? It’s the fastest-growing publishing market, but is it for you? Gain an overview of the pros and cons, platforms, whether to DIY or commission a voice artist, home studio kit and how to meet the technical standard. By the end, you’ll have a grasp of the main considerations, before you go diving in and investing

Writing for the ear – radio writing techniques

Writing for the ear is different, but few writers know radio writing techniques! Before you spend a fortune on audio production, do your writing and your voice artist a big favour, by learning some audio writing and editing tips from the worlds of radio and audio drama. It’ll transform the impact of your book, and help you and your presenter to shine.

Dramatic techniques to transform your fiction

Dramatic techniques are used in the script and storytelling industries to give stories more punch and impact. You’ll see them at work in every film, TV and stage show, creating a powerful imaginative connection with the audience. But do you know how to use them in your own writing? Novelists, poets, speechwriters… in fact, any writer can transform their writing with dramatic techniques.

How to get from creative writer to business writer

There’s a big gap between creative writing courses – whether beginner workshops or fully fledged MAs and MFAs – and making a living. And yet there are loads of opportunities for talented writers, if you know where to look. This course introduces the opportunity of writing for business, and how to get started as a freelance, using the transferable skills you already have.

SEO and web writing for authors

Increasingly, writers need to be able to write effectively for the web. This means getting to grips with concepts such as keywords, search engine optimisation (SEO) and web-friendly style and layout. Knowing the basics will help you do a website writing makeover and improve your website visibility and connection with readers. For this course, you need basic familiarity with website/blog updating, eg you’re comfortable going into WordPress.

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