How to Launch a Freelance Copywriting Business

Interested in putting your creative writing skills to work as a writer for business? How to Launch a Freelance Copywriting Business bridges the gap between creative and commercial writing. It gives writers the skills to go freelance and build a writing income stream from scratch. Free workflow templates included.

Most creative writers, journalists and blogger need a regular income stream. But often, they don’t have business skills.

This was me, when I first started out! I’m a typical arts graduate, steeped in literature and loving books and music. I wasn’t that sussed about money, business, or asking people to pay for my writing skills. 

It took a good few years of trial and error to get to where I am – an established freelance writer with regular clients, a work pipeline and, most importantly, income to pay the bills. 

When I started out, there were plenty of copywriting books out there, but none to help me transition from creative writing to commercial writing for businesses.

So, I wrote this book. 

It’s a practical business guide for creative writers, journalists and bloggers who need to lay the foundations for a freelance business.

7 tips – invoicing for freelance copywriting work
7 tips – invoicing for freelance copywriting work


copywriting technique - authentic tone of voicece
Copywriting technique – 5 tips for authentic tone of voice


copywriting business how to interview clients
Copywriting interviews – how to research clients


This book should give you confidence in your transferable writing skills, and steps to setting up your own freelance copywriting business, including

  • get your first paid writing gig
  • build a copywriting portfolio and work pipeline
  • find good clients who need your words
  • manage your time and money.

It’s straight-talking and practical. You’ll save time by approaching more of the right kinds of business who can pay for copywriting services. You won’t waste money on adverts and expensive commercial training that isn’t right for your stage.

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