Freelance copywriting book for creative writers

Looking for a freelance copywriting book specially geared to creative writers? Here it is!

How to Launch a Freelance Copywriting Business covers the practical steps you need to put your creative writing skills to work, and make a good living.

I know a lot of creative writers, and many of them struggle financially. Yes, even highly trained and experienced writers with MFAs and publications under their belt!

I did, too. I’m a playwright and fiction writer. Though I’ve had BBC and stage commissions and won several awards, I still wasn’t surviving financially.

Why was this? Writing skills are highly valuable and transferable. But writers aren’t usually the best business people. That’s not their passion, after all.

So, many of them put up with low rates, free work, and writing for prestigious but zero-wage outlets such as academic journals, creative writing anthologies and newspapers.

And they don’t know that there’s a whole world out there that really needs their writing, and can pay for it.

How do you get started?

I started small, by writing for local businesses – content for their websites and brochures, copy makeovers, editing, and proofing.

Gradually, I discovered that businesses really need copywriters. Writing is the way you’re found on the web. Words are the way you tell your story as a business. They’re one of the key ways you connect with customers.

So they’re crucial to every business’s success.

Good businesses recognize the difference good writing can make to their bottom line, and pay a good rate.

So it’s simple! Find those businesses.

How? It’s in this book.

Transferring writing skills to business

Writing skills are transferable. You just need a few extra skills specific to business. With a little business and marketing knowledge, you can easily adapt your writing skills to earn a living in the world of business.

This is the book I needed when starting out. One that would have saved me years of trial and error.

To be honest, I find it amazing that more creative writers don’t go into writing for business. It’s flexible, you can do it from home, and it’s fascinating to meet dynamic businesses and entrepreneurs, who are in many ways surprisingly similar to writers.

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A freelance copywriting book especially for creative writers

You know how to write well. You’re committed and creative. But you’re not sure how to transfer your skills to business.

Well, a large element of business is simply confidence. And when I ask around, it seems the reason most creative writers shy away from copywriting is to do with confidence.

They don’t know enough about business people, what they need, and how to approach them. So I’ve covered this in the book, to bridge the gap.

You’ll also find sound advice on kit, workspaces, handling time and money, and other cornerstones of the freelance writing life.

There isn’t another freelance copywriting book specifically for creative writers out there. Get your copy below.

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