Writing for Audiobooks – Audio-First for Flow & Impact

Exciting times! My groundbreaking book, Writing for Audiobooks: Audio-First for Flow & Impact is now out in ebook and audiobook editions. Even more exciting, I’ve just recorded a podcast on it with the amazing Joanna Penn. Look out for it in October!

Writing for Audiobooks is Book 3 in the Method Writing series for creative writers.

Why is this book special? Well, it’s the first to cover audio writing techniques for fiction and non-fiction authors.

Why now? Because audiobooks are enjoying a massive boom, and many authors are starting to look at audiobook publishing. Some are even recording audiobooks at home.

Publishers are also starting to commission audio-first writing. The Audible platform is commissioning audio drama originals and other voice-first writing. So authors are being invited to write and edit in different ways.

So it makes sense for writers to discover what’s different about audio writing, or writing for the ear.

The techniques are similar to radio writing. They’re easy to learn, and as old as storytelling itself!

Radio writing skills revisited

I have a background in radio writing (news, features and drama). So, I’m delighted to see the excitement around audio storytelling.

I’m also intrigued to see where this takes creative writers and writing.

Maybe we’ll start writing with audio first in mind?

Maybe authors will create story worlds especially for audio?

audiobooks - are you ready to record your novel?
Audiobooks for authors – are you ready to record your own book?


recording an audiobook - 5 lessons for ACX success
Recording an audiobook – 5 lessons for ACX success


is recording an audiobook worth it?
Is recording an audiobook worth it?


And maybe we’ll see exciting new creative possibilities that mix audio and text!

Whatever happens, the rise of audiobooks is great news for storytellers and performance writers. Many already have the skills needed for audio writing. Some authors like me are now recording their own audiobooks.

And if you’re a writer who enjoys reading to audiences, audio books may be a fun opportunity for you.

  • Flow & attention
  • Order of information
  • Ear-friendly editing
  • Rhythm & musicality
  • Performer secrets.

If you want to edit your writing for best audio impact, Writing for Audiobooks will help. You’ll discover key techniques used in radio, spoken word and other performance writing. You’ll find lots of writing and editing tips to use right away, plus a special focus on:

You’ll also find tips on how to prepare your book for your narrator, and some home studio basics.

PS there’s also an audiobook version for fans of the spoken word.

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